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Special Delivery

Today’s general dentists are offering a greater selection of treatments to their patients than ever before. So it stands to reason that they can benefit from the latest imaging available. We look at the technologies that can give your customers the most …

Cracking the Smile Code

Dental esthetics is so much more than a white smile and good orthodontia. Natural teeth are a complex riddle of shapes, colors and unique characterizations. But digital technologies are helping more clinicians unlock their secrets than ever before.

Scanning the Horizon

Digital impressioning remains a hot technology. In this update, we explore the latest developments in this continually evolving product category that are making the lives of everyone, from patients to staff to clinicians to lab technicians, so much easier.

Piece of Cake

Whether a restoration is a large Class II or a small Class III, success comes in the form of superior containment, anatomical contours and tight contacts. We explore today’s matrix systems and explain why they should be at the top of the …

Ditching Disparities

The expansion of Medicaid and the Children’s Health Insurance Program has improved the utilization of dental care in the pediatric population, yet overcoming oral health disparities remains an elusive goal.

Leave No Trace

Thanks to continued technological tweaking, contemporary composite resins not only can lend strength to teeth, but blend into native tooth structure for what is known as the “chameleon” effect. Mentor explores these developments that have brought direct restorative esthetic dentistry to a …

Whole Body Sales

How outcome-based reimbursement could break down the walls between medicine and dentistry while changing the business for sales professionals.

Change Agents

Among the most typical procedures performed by periodontists are those involving crown lengthening and shortening. Mentor explores these delicate procedures and the kinds of instruments and materials they require to ensure success.
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