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Whole Body Sales

How outcome-based reimbursement could break down the walls between medicine and dentistry while changing the business for sales professionals.

Change Agents

Among the most typical procedures performed by periodontists are those involving crown lengthening and shortening. Mentor explores these delicate procedures and the kinds of instruments and materials they require to ensure success.

Charging Ahead

Obturation is a step in root canal treatment that seals the canal after it’s been shaped, cleaned and disinfected. We give you the inside scoop on today’s thinking about this crucial step and examine the kinds of materials, techniques, instruments, and devices …

The Digital Advantage

CAD/CAM systems are making inroads into everyday dentistry, being used for assessment, diagnosis, treatment planning, implementation, evaluation and communication. That all adds up to a strong advantage — for patients, clinicians and account executives.

Fired Up

The gray market continues to be a hot topic in the dental industry. Mentor shares how dental manufacturers are fired up and firing back to protect their reputation, their dentist customers, and patients at large.

Gear up for Infection Battles

Personal protective equipment is critical to infection control. This article introduces best practices for products ranging from gloves and masks to protective eyewear — so sales reps can equip their clients to defend the health of their patients and themselves.

Dental Detectives

When a patient comes into the dentist’s office with tooth pain, it’s not always clear which tooth is acting up or where the pain originates. We discuss the various technologies and methods that can help dental Joe Fridays crack the case.
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