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Hole Truths

Many of today’s dental restorative materials claim characteristics such as low-shrinkage, bulk-fill and flowable capabilities, and bioactivity. But what does it all mean? We explore these classifications and detail how they work.

Inside Job

In the ongoing quest to effect as thorough a clean as possible when performing root canal therapy, endodontists are increasingly reaching for ultrasonic instruments. We consider their benefits and how you can parlay them into the kinds of sales that will take …

The Root of the Pain

Dental sales reps are wise to understand the clinical strategies for pain management during all phases of endodontic treatment in order to better understand their customers’ needs.

Safe at Any Speed

It seems like sterilization protocols for handpieces are constantly changing. But the importance of keeping yourself well informed never goes out of style. We examine the current thinking on the best ways to sterilize both low- and high-speed handpieces.

The Bottom Line

It’s not an exaggeration to say that a good dental stool can either make or break an oral health practitioner. But one size does not fit all. We explore ergonomic operator seating choices, and how sales reps can best help their customers.

Conductor of Quality Control

Help your customers orchestrate the perfect medley of patient safety by thoroughly understanding biofilm control and dental unit waterline monitoring in order to ensure the safety of dental treatment water used in practice.

Balancing Act

Demographic shifts and projections for rising health care expenditures are reshaping your customers’ traditional economic models. Learn how these changes are making it challenging for dentists to find center balance.

Special Delivery

Today’s general dentists are offering a greater selection of treatments to their patients than ever before. So it stands to reason that they can benefit from the latest imaging available. We look at the technologies that can give your customers the most …

Cracking the Smile Code

Dental esthetics is so much more than a white smile and good orthodontia. Natural teeth are a complex riddle of shapes, colors and unique characterizations. But digital technologies are helping more clinicians unlock their secrets than ever before.
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