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Power Surge

In today’s ergonomically conscious dental practices, the increasing availability of cordless technology is welcome news. We explore innovations in rechargeable batteries that are leading the charge toward unplugged dentistry.

Sleight of Hand

Injuries can occur throughout the body, but the most common type of injury experienced by oral health professionals is musculoskeletal disorders (MSDs).

Options for Dental Pain Control

Clinicians have many options when choosing the best anesthetic for the procedure at hand, and this article provides a comprehensive overview of such products so that you can seek out new sales opportunities.

Chain of Events

Successful infection control is, in essence, a chain of events that disrupts the microbial chain of events that would otherwise lead to cross-contamination. We discuss current strategies for sterilization, disinfection, and reprocessing of instruments and devices used in dental practices.

Minor Distractions

The dental chair can be a scary place for children. But today’s manufacturers are coming up with all sorts of inventive ways to make it a more kid-friendly place. We survey the field of playful products that can make 
both dental visits …
oral surgery

Skin in the Game

Some patients heal after oral surgery without much intervention, while others may encounter problems. We explore the issues that can arise and the various methods clinicians can employ to facilitate healing.

Targeting the Pain

Sales reps can assist their customers in addressing the symptoms of dentinal hypersensitivity by keeping them abreast of the latest product formulations for managing this common dental complaint.
Restorative Materials Details

Hole Truths

Many of today’s dental restorative materials claim characteristics such as low-shrinkage, bulk-fill and flowable capabilities, and bioactivity. But what does it all mean? We explore these classifications and detail how they work.

Inside Job

In the ongoing quest to effect as thorough a clean as possible when performing root canal therapy, endodontists are increasingly reaching for ultrasonic instruments. We consider their benefits and how you can parlay them into the kinds of sales that will take …
NYU Dentistry Study Finds Evidence That Protein MCP-1 May Determine Bone Loss Responses to Parathyroid Hormone
UConn Professor Honored for Prosthodontic Humanitarian Efforts
Stephen Hudis Sworn in as Vice President of the American College of Prosthodontists
Crosstex Expands Product Portfolio with Acquisition of SAFE-FLO Saliva Ejector Products