Rebecca Stone Archive

Shrink Rap

It’s no secret in the dental industry that composite resins shrink 
to one degree or another during polymerization. This, along 
with the related stress, is a primary factor in restorative
 failure. We discuss the latest strategies designed 
to minimize the nagging problem …

Life in the Fast Lane

The dental profession is no stranger to the cutting edge when it comes to technology. We explore some of the latest digital innovations used by increasing numbers of practices to slipstream their way onto the digital superhighway.

Copy Right

When implants are involved, impressioning can be a bit trickier than it typically is for standard crowns. Mentor explores the latest protocols for capturing traditional and digital implant impressions.

Hide and Seek

In support of minimally invasive dentistry, new technologies and other strategies that can facilitate early diagnoses have never been more important. We zero in on ways your clients can intercept little problems before they become big ones.

Small Miracles

As developments in nanotechnology continue to accelerate, it’s evident that less is definitely more, and dentistry is reaping the rewards.

Second Nature

In the age of the perfect smile, esthetic dentistry has never been more front and center. We provide an overview of the kinds of products that can help your clients and allow you to cultivate this sales-rich category.

Bridging the Canal

Once a root canal has been shaped and cleaned, complete obturation of the root structure is essential. Therein lies the challenge. We explore the latest strategies clinicians can use to up the odds of endodontic success for long-lasting restorations.

Dress For Success

Personal protective equipment is necessary in contemporary dental practices, and account executives must be up to speed on the latest developments. We give you the up-to-date low-down on these important practice necessities.
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