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Balancing Act

Demographic shifts and projections for rising health care expenditures are reshaping your customers’ traditional economic models. Learn how these changes are making it challenging for dentists to find center balance.

Safe at Any Speed

It seems like sterilization protocols for handpieces are constantly changing. But the importance of keeping yourself well informed never goes out of style. We examine the current thinking on the best ways to sterilize both low- and high-speed handpieces.

Conductor of Quality Control

Help your customers orchestrate the perfect medley of patient safety by thoroughly understanding biofilm control and dental unit waterline monitoring in order to ensure the safety of dental treatment water used in practice.

The Bottom Line

It’s not an exaggeration to say that a good dental stool can either make or break an oral health practitioner. But one size does not fit all. We explore ergonomic operator seating choices, and how sales reps can best help their customers.


Skill in Life: Make Every Step Count

It is not enough to see your goal. You need to focus on the steps that get you there.

Selling Strategies: Adapt to Improve

Adaptability encompasses the ability to learn from experience. And it requires a vast amount of self-awareness, including a willingness to look at, and face, the hard truths of situations at hand.

Big Picture: Channeling Your Inner Optimist

In sales, rejection comes with the territory. And if you don’t learn how to cope with such dismissals, it will corrode your confidence and, ultimately, your performance.

Closing Pitch: Avant-Garde Entrepreneur

One-on-one with Cherie Le Penske, Armor Dental



3M Announces New Leadership Appointments

3M has announced the promotion of Michael F. Roman to chief operating officer (COO) and executive vice president, and Hak Cheol (H.C.) Shin to vice chair and executive vice president.

Kulzer Launches Customer Support Service

In an effort to provide exemplary support to its customers, Kulzer has announced the launch of the Kulzer Service Organization.

Pulpdent Expands Sales Team

Pulpdent Corporation has welcomed two new representatives to its national sales team.