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Crowning Achievements

Placing an implant is just the beginning for implant therapy. What comes next is what the patient and the world see — the prosthetic crown that’s attached. Will that crown be cemented or screwed into place? What other considerations come into play? Here’s a primer for sales pros.

Clean Sweep

Account executives can aid practitioners and patients alike by becoming well versed in the latest alternatives for interdental cleaning.

Under Pressure

Air compressors are the unsung workhorses of the dental office. We reveal how today’s designs are meeting the needs of 21st-century dentistry, and provide helpful insights for selling replacement units or system upgrades.

Show and Tell

They say a picture is worth a thousand words, and that certainly applies to dental imaging technology. We explore the world of digital image capture in the dental setting for a closer look at this increasingly popular patient-education tool.


Breakthrough Selling: Craft Questions in Five Categories

Every sales professional knows the importance of asking wellcrafted, focused and insightful questions in order to clearly identify a client’s opportunities, needs, challenges and issues.

Market Beat: Learn How to Satisfy Customers

Just about every nongovernmental organization touts its customer service. So what? Who cares?

Sales Impact: Put Training Into Action

Training alone does not produce results.

Closing Pitch: Making a Difference

One-on-one with Laura Fleming Doyle, Dental Trade Alliance Foundation.


Products and Services

On the Radar

Composite materials on display.

Product Profile: DEFEND brand from Mydent International

Spotlight on operatory items.

Practice Solutions with Kerr TotalCare

The Pinnacle lineup from Kerr TotalCare simplifies infection control in dental settings.

Hot to Market

Products that practically sell themselves.


White House Plan Aims to Combat Antibiotic-Resistant Bacteria

A task force commissioned by President Obama has unveiled a multifaceted strategy for fighting the global threat of antibiotic resistance.

DentalEZ Appoints New President

DentalEZ, a leading supplier of integrated products for dental health professionals, has named a new president.

Report Details Dental Industry Acquisitions

A 282-page report released by The Anaheim Group ( examines more than 625 dental company acquisitions that took place from 2003–2014.

Research Gives New Meaning to the Term ‘Eyeteeth’

Can teeth help someone see? There’s a good chance this might be a reality in the near future — and we’re not talking about some sci-fi plot.

Medicaid’s Free-Care Rule Clarified

Thanks to a clarification by the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) of its free-care rule, it could be easier for school-based sealant programs to receive Medicaid reimbursement for these preventive efforts.

Kellogg Foundation Grant Seeks To Address Oral Health Disparities

The W.K. Kellogg Foundation has awarded a two-year, 400,000 dollar grant to the American Dental Education Association Minority Dental Faculty Development (MDFD) program to address oral health disparities in underserved communities.