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Film at Eleven

If left unchecked, dental biofilm can wreak havoc on oral health. We examine preventive measures that your customers can use to help fight this plaque attach.

Slow Ride

Versatile and durable, slow-speed handpices offer dentist and dental hygienist a one-tool solution for multiple types of procedures.

Deep Impact

The effect of health care reform on demand for dental products and services has many industry professionals wondering if it will bring boom or bust. Mentor studies the issues associated with state-run insurance exchanges.

Special Delivery

Here’s what sales professionals need to know to help clinicians — and patients — reap the benefits of computer- controlled local anesthetic delivery.

Hard Wear

Super-strong ceramics, such as zirconia and lithium disilicare, are increasingly popular for restorations — and to help your customers make the hard choices, we explore the nature of these materials and the ramifications of their use.


Market Beat: Charting Sales Opportunities

with Jim Ferrell

Closing Pitch: Image Is Everything

One-on-one with David Wilson, Digital Doc


Products and Services

FAQ: Palmero Health Care

Easy-to-Use Disinfectants and Hand Hygiene Products Aid Asepsis

Hot to Market

Products That Practically Sell Themselves

On the Radar

Digital Radiography Accessories on Display


Chewing Out Motion Sickness

Queasiness brought on by motion sickness, otherwise known as mal de mer, is no fun.

High-Profile Breaches Bring Infection Control Into Focus

Recent reports of possible patient exposure to infectious agents in dental offices have resulted in new waves of worry among patients about the safety of professional dental care.

Online Tool Provides Patients With Healthy Beverage Options

In an effort to help parents provide their families with healthy alternatives to sugary drinks, the Horizon Foundation, a nonprofit organization dedicated to improving health, has launched a searchable online database that provides information about healthy drink choices.

Researchers Close In On Tooth-Growing Technology

In a development that could render dental work as we know it obsolete, a team of researchers from King’s College in London has shown that a tooth can be successfully grown by combining human gingival epithelial cells with mouse embryonic tooth mesenchyme cells.

Texting May Prove An Effective Strategy For Building Your Clients’ Dental Practices

In an effort to figure out the best way to get educational messages about healthy lifestyle choices in front of teenagers — ones they’ll actually read — researchers at the University of Arizona (UA) tried texting.

The Time to Speak Out Is Now

According to the Dental Trade Alliance (DTA), the new medical device excise tax that took effect this year is tantamount to raising corporate income tax up to 50%.

Cranberry Marks 25th Anniversary With Pledge

In celebration of its 25th anniversary, Cranberry USA, which manufactures infection control products, announced its partnership with Global Dental Relief.

Teledentistry Project Serves Vulnerable Populations

n a model campaign that may encourage similar efforts across the country, the Pacific Center for Special Care at the University of the Pacific, Arthur A. Dugoni School of Dentistry in San Francisco has established the Virtual Dental Home Demonstration Project.

Name Change Reflects Global Growth

Signifying its broadening scope in the world market, Hourglass Industries has changed its name to Hourglass International.

Heraeus Sells Its Dental Division

Heraeus Dental, one of the industry’s top manufacturers of dental materials, is being sold to the Japanese firm Mitsui Chemicals.

International Expo Highlights Global Demand

Boasting record attendance, this year’s International Dental Show, held in Cologne, Germany, in mid-March, drew more than 125,000 attendees.