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Breaking the Genetic Code

Genetic testing may provide oral health professionals with a new avenue to customize patient care and improve preventive treatments and outcomes.

The Shape of Success

In root canal therapy, shaping is a key step in creating clean canal contours. To accomplish this type of shape shifting, endodontic files are needed.

Small Miracles

As developments in nanotechnology continue to accelerate, it’s evident that less is definitely more, and dentistry is reaping the rewards.

The Invention of Prevention

Oral health professionals can establish good oral health among pediatric patients using evidence-based guidelines for caries risk assessment and management, and well-informed sales reps will use these recommendations as a springboard for preventive product sales success.


Skill in Life: Think It and Become It

If you think of yourself as an ever-improving rep, then you will constantly improve your work and your outcomes.

The Big Picture: Detach From Sales Outcomes

To successfully connect with your customers, you need to fully focus on what you’re doing in the moment and detach from everything else.

Selling Strategies: Be Prepared for Any Sales Call

Start with developing a keen understanding of the person, and the specific values that he or she embodies.

Closing Pitch: Leading the Pack

One-on-one with Sarah Anders, BSc,MBA, Henry Schein.


Products and Services

Product Pofile: Max-I-Probe Irrigation Probes From Dentsply Maillefer

Dentsply Maillefer’s Max-I-Probe endodontic/periodontal irrigation probes deliver a best-practice irrigation protocol.

Product Profile: MD-Tech Implant Motor by Vector R&D

The MD-Tech implant motor by Vector R&D is a new full function implant surgical motor system, with LED and an ultra-smooth 20:1 reduction fiber optic angle.

Hot to Market

Products that practically sell themselves.

On the Radar

Ultrasonic systems on display.


Kulzer Names John Vitale President, North America

John Vitale, BSME, has been appointed president, North America for Kulzer.

U.S. EPA Provides Information on Separator Guidelines

Dental professionals seeking answers to questions regarding the U.S. EPA dental amalgam separator rule can refer to series of FAQs available on the agency’s website.

Practicon Designated Exclusive Distributor for EasyEx Explorer Sharpener

Practicon Inc, Greenville, North Carolina is now the exclusive worldwide distributor for the handheld, battery-operated EasyEx Explorer Sharpener.

ADA and CVS Pharmacy Collaborate to Expand Oral Health Education

The ADA, Chicago, and CVS Pharmacy, Woonsocket, Rhode Island, have partnered in a 3-year initiative to help put millions of Americans on a path to better overall health.

Young Innovations Acquires Mydent International

Young Innovations, a global manufacturer and distributor of dental supplies and equipment, has acquired Mydent International Enterprises Corp.

Air Techniques Appoints Robert Meehan Digital Product Manager

Robert Meehan, BA, has joined Air Techniques Inc, as Digital Product manager. Meehan will be responsible for the ProVecta X-Ray line & the CamX Camera line.

Microcopy’s ‘Think Pink’ Supports the Fight Against Breast Cancer

Microcopy, Kennesaw, Georgia, recently ended 2017 with its fourth annual “Pink to Make You Think” campaign to promote breast cancer awareness.

Opioids Declared Public Health Emergency

In October, the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) declared the opioid crisis a public health emergency.

UIC Study Focuses on Class of Antibiotics

A study led by researchers from the University of Illinois at Chicago suggests bond duration, not bond tightness may be the central factor that distinguishes antibiotics that kill bacteria and antibiotics that stop bacterial growth.