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Does Red Tape Tie Dentistry’s Hands?

As the government moves to cut red tape,we explore if dentistry is an over- or under-regulated profession.

Inside Job

In the ongoing quest to effect as thorough a clean as possible when performing root canal therapy, endodontists are increasingly reaching for ultrasonic instruments. We consider their benefits and how you can parlay them into the kinds of sales that will take your customers’ practices to the next level.

The Root of the Pain

Dental sales reps are wise to understand the clinical strategies for pain management during all phases of endodontic treatment in order to better understand their customers’ needs.

Hole Truths

Many of today’s dental restorative materials claim characteristics such as low-shrinkage, bulk-fill and flowable capabilities, and bioactivity. But what does it all mean? We explore these classifications and detail how they work.


Skill in Life: Just One More Gallon

When you pick a race to enter, ensure you have everything you need to go all the way to the finish line.

The Big Picture: Stay Passionately Curious

Curiosity is essential to achieving great things.

Selling Strategies: Tips for Powerful Voicemails

When cold calling new leads and prospects, we are faced with the question: if there is no answer, should I leave a voicemail?

Closing Pitch: An Example of Excellence

One-on-one with Ryan Vet, Anutra Medical


Products and Services


DenMat Names New CEO

DenMat Holdings LLC has announced David Casper as its new Chief Executive Officer (CEO).

Kulzer Creates Inside Sales Team

In an effort to make it easier for dental practice and dental laboratory customers to access Kulzer’s products and services, the company has formed an Inside Sales Team to streamline customer support.

Henry Schein Program Provides Oral Health to Children Fighting Cancer

Henry Schein Inc joined Northwell Health to announce that more than 200 children fighting cancer have received oral health treatment during the past 2 years through the Henry Schein Oral Health Navigator Program.

Straumann Acquires ClearCorrect

The Straumann Group, a global provider in tooth replacement solutions, has acquired ClearCorrect LLC, the privately owned manufacturer of clear aligners.