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Preventive Measures

An effective preventive approach to treating the youngest of patients means managing caries risk and monitoring the developing dentition. Sales reps need to stay abreast of the latest in prevention protocols to help their clients best serve their pediatric patients.

Second Nature

In the age of the perfect smile, esthetic dentistry has never been more front and center. We provide an overview of the kinds of products that can help your clients and allow you to cultivate this sales-rich category.

Advance Your Understanding of Gingival Recession

Oral health professionals rely on myriad classification and management strategies when diagnosing and treating patients with gingival recession, and sale reps can benefit from a basic understanding of these approaches.

Pixel Perfect

Digital cameras are proving to be valuable assets in diagnostics and treatment — both inside and outside the mouth.


Selling Strategies: Assess Your Sales Skills

But the real growth lies in our ability to check our ego at the door and identify the stuff that holds us back.

Skill in Life: Get Any Account You Want

encourage you: go for that big account. In the words of my dad, “All you need to do is get help: the right help and enough help and all the help you need.”

The Big Picture: If You Do Just One Thing, Smile

When we see someone else smile, our mirror neurons make us also experience the positive emotions being displayed.

Closing Pitch: Turning Challenges Into Opportunities

One-on-one with Dave Misiak, Patterson Dental North America. Turning Challenges into Opportunities.


Products and Services

Product Profile: MICRO-TOUCH DENTA-GLOVE Examination Gloves From Ansell

Spotlight on examination gloves from Ansell.

FAQ: Micro-Touch® Denta-Glove® by Ansell

Micro-Touch® Denta-Glove® by Ansell boosts productivity with ERGOFORM ergonomic design technology

On the Radar

Handpieces on Display.

Hot to Market

Products that practically sell themselves.


3M Announces New Leadership Appointment

The global science company 3M, Saint Paul, Minnesota, has named Kristen Ludgate, BA, JD, senior vice president, Corporate Communications and Enterprise Services.

Convergent Dental Named Top 500 Fastest Growing Company

Convergent Dental has been ranked 77th on Deloitte’s Technology Fast 500.

Crosstex Acquires Popular Saliva Ejector Product

Crosstex International, Hauppauge, New York, a subsidiary of Cantel Medical Corp, recently acquired the popular SAFE-FLO Saliva Ejector from RJC Products.

Patterson Announces Acquisition of Dental Office Design Company

Patterson Dental Supply, St. Paul, Minnesota — a business unit of Patterson Companies — has announced its acquisition of Fitzpatrick Dental Design.

New Dental Materials Resists Plaque, Kills Microbes

A new dental material tethered with an antimicrobial compound has been shown not only to resist plaque but also to kill the bacteria that cause it.

FDI, Sunstar Deliver Oral Cancer Guidelines

FDI World Dental Federation has partnered with Sunstar to produce guidelines on the management of patients with oral cancer and oral cancer prevention.

Study Examines Blood Levels, Tooth Decay in Children Who Do Not Drink Tap Water

Researchers from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill recently published a study titled, “Blood Lead Levels and Dental Caries in U.S. Children Who Do Not Drink Tap Water.”