Study Pinpoints Dental Insurance As Must-Have Employee Benefit

Dental insurance is one of the top five employee must-have benefits, according to a 2017 MetLife “Employee Benefit Trends Study.” The study revealed that 68% of participants believe dental insurance is an essential benefit.

Other must-have benefits included medical health insurance (88%), 401K and prescription drug coverage (72%), and auto insurance (68%). However, when survey respondents were asked which benefits they considered essential and would like offered by an employer, dental insurance remained steady: 70% of Generation X and young baby boomers, and 60% of young millennials and older baby boomers considered dental insurance a must-have benefit.

The study, conducted from October 2016 to November 2016, consisted of interviews with 2,504 benefits decision makers and interviews with 2,652 full-time employees.

From MENTOR. June 2017;8(6): 11.

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