Selling Strategies: Your ‘Why’ Is Your Anchor



I will never forget the moment when I realized I had taken on an entirely different attitude toward cold calling prospective clients. It happened several years ago when I finally grasped the importance of the product I sold and what it could truly generate for my customer. It was as if my product stopped being a widget and was suddenly a magical tool; and I was the only person who could truly communicate its ultimate power.

My calls became urgent, passionate and compelling to the point that my appointment-setting ratio skyrocketed to around 40%. Clients felt my authenticity about the ways my product would serve them. They sensed I had a sincere understanding of their business and their struggles and were intrigued, just enough, to know that they would benefit from a 30-minute meeting with me.

What was my secret? How did I shift my approach so dramatically to generate this feeling and create such remarkable results? It was when I discovered and truly understood my product “why?‘‘

The product itself does not matter. What matters is that I traced what my product could do for my prospect in terms of value and opportunity and I followed it through the entire imaginable cycle to come to the most amazing conclusion, which gave it urgency for me. In this case it went like this:

When my prospect used my product it made him or her more efficient > which increased his or her margins > which ensured he or she kept his or her labor force employed > which ensured his or her employees would have the income they needed to raise their families > which gave them the opportunity to send their kids to college > which ensured their children would have the potential to live the life of their dreams > which meant that because I picked up the phone that day I was starting a chain of events that could potentially change the world.

My ‘why’ was that my product, used by my prospects could, ultimately, change the world. And this realization was what made all the difference.

I know, for some of you, this might sound a little over the top. And as I reread what I’ve just written, I realize I’m smiling at the prospect of how my naiveté might come across. But my results are my results and this shift in thinking made all the difference in my approach and the way my message was received. My “why” was that my product, used by my prospects could, ultimately, change the world. And this realization was what made all the difference.

Can you imagine the power and the urgency of your conversations with this “why” behind them? Think about what your product does. Next, go through the same process I just outlined using the same peel-back-the-onion rationale. Now, choose a prospect you’ve been targeting, and pick up the phone and watch the magic unfold.

In next month’s column we’ll explore a way to frame what you say in the first sentence so that your prospect will say, “Wow, tell me more.”

From MENTOR. May 2018;9(5): 5.

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