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On the RadarMighty Mini 90 and Mighty Mini Ergo

  • Mighty Mini 90 and Mighty Mini Ergo disposable prophy angles are compact and powerful.
  • With small heads and slim profiles, these disposable prophy angles provide the feeling of increased visibility with slightly less vibration, and better access to posterior areas.
  • The ribbing on the external surface and the flare of the cup make subgingival, lingual, and interproximal access much easier and more efficient.
  • These prophy angles are said to feature a smooth running, quiet beveled gear design and an ergonomic shape that reduce hand and arm micro-traumas.



On the RadarPerfectPearl Midnight Prophy Angles

  • These stylish disposable prophy angles combine comfort and control in a sleek black shell that come in pink, teal, and purple stomp pad and cup options.
  • The PerfectPearl Midnight prophy angles provide clinicians with exceptional interproximal access, easy stain removal, excellent visibility, less splatter and minimal vibration for extended comfort.
  • Feature an ergonomically designed angle, as well as a patented Hawe cup design that delivers optimal flare for subgingival cleaning.
  • Spiral grooves push paste toward a patient’s teeth to reduce splatter, and the grooves on the outside of the cup allow clinicians to use both the inside and outside of the cup to polish.
  • Can be used on orthodontic patients.

Kerr Dental


On the RadarAir-Flow Handy 3.0 Premium

  • This device consists of two handpiece attachments that help oral health professionals comfortably — and efficiently — remove biofilm above and below the gingival margin.
  • Featuring a sleek, lightweight design, this unit is designed to ensure optimal clinician comfort while providing an unobstructed view of the treatment area.
  • The Plus handpiece removes biofilm and stain supragingivally and in shallow periodontal pockets, while the Perio-Flow handpiece is indicated for periodontal pockets greater than 4 mm.
  • The unit includes the Perio hand piece and Perio-Flow nozzles for biofilm removal in pockets up to 5 mm.



otr-4Minipolisher II

  • This compact prophy unit features a sleek design with patented Homogenous Stream Technology (HST) for stain and plaque removal.
  • The unit includes an autoclavable and lightweight handpiece that eliminates hand fatigue, and its large powder reservoir is ideal for handling multiple prophy units.
  • Can be used chairside for cleaning tooth surfaces before bonding or for cleaning abutments before seating restorations.
  • Easily activated by the dental-unit foot control.
  • The company reports the U.S. Food and Drug Administration has cleared the unit for implant maintenance, specifically for cleaning around implants and under dentures.

Henry Schein


otr-5ēsamate MW

  • The ēsamate MW low-speed handpiece is described as delivering proven air-driven performance.
  • Weighs 3.2 ounces and offers a 360° swivel.
  • Easily connects to ēsa disposable prophy angles.
  • No recharging or batteries required.
  • This lube-free heat sterilization tolerant handpiece features a comfortable, non-slip grip and a low profile cup.
  • Backed by a two-year warranty.



otr-6Butler Monsterz Products

  • Sunstar‘s Butler Monsterz chairside line of products makes dental appointments fun, easy and memorable for pediatric patients.
  • Empower the youngest patients to make choices and have control during the dental appointment.
  • Designed to build a fun and memorable experience for patients at an early age.
  • Under the Monsterz theme, these chairside products — prophy angles, prophy pastes and fluoride varnish — deliver a continuity of fun dental hygiene that extends from the dentist’s chair to home-care using GUM Monsterz kids toothbrushes.
  • Monsterz prophy angles are designed with a slimmer housing to allow for better access in smaller mouths.
  • They come in four fun colors and feature a low profile, soft ribbed cup.



From MENTOR. May 2018;9(5):27.

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