Partnership Supports Independent Living Among Individuals With Special Needs

Colgate-Palmolive is partnering with Magnusmode to offer a mobile app that empowers individuals with cognitive special needs, such as autism, to independently manage daily activities, including oral hygiene. Magnusmode’s innovative MagnusCards help caregivers — including parents, support workers and teachers — reinforce routines through a series of positive and easy-to-understand digital card “decks.” Developed with Colgate, the five new oral care decks include brushing, brushing with braces, rinsing, flossing and visiting the dental office.

“For caregivers of individuals with cognitive special needs, forming daily routines — such as toothbrushing — can be challenging,” notes Barbara Shearer, BDS, MDS, PhD, scientific affairs director for Colgate. “A healthy oral cavity is integral to healthy living, and Colgate is honored to partner with this helpful app.” The MagnusCards app is available for free download on the App Store or Google Play; users can also sign up at

From MENTOR. January 2018;9(1): 13.

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