Skill in Life: Set High Standards to Succeed


What makes some people successful, others not so? Why do some people exhibit success for a moment and then crash to mediocrity or subpar? We all know sales reps who ride the yo-yo of high-low-high-low. How does this happen? Why does this happen? I believe it is because they chase lofty goals without having high standards. Goals — they are essentially external. There is something outside your soul and psyche that you want to accomplish. Standards — they are essentially internal. They are your personal definition, the accomplishment of self that you pursue.

A good example of someone who had great goals without the security of underlying noble standards, is Johnny Manziel, or “Johnny Football.‘‘ At Texas A&M University, he scored and soared, destined to be the best of today and tomorrow. He racked up a laundry list of National Collegiate Athletic Association and Southeastern Conference records. He became the first freshman to win the Heisman Trophy. He had clear goals for every game and knew what he had to do on the field. Football seemed to be his life and he was good at it. He was a successful football player — for awhile. What went wrong? Drafted by the Cleveland Browns, Johnny struggled with on-field mediocrity and off-field personal problems. Drinking, carousing, gambling,and more. He was finally cut by the Browns after two years. What a crash! Why did it all go wrong? The answer to this question is what is important to every sales rep, no matter your level of sales success. Chasing lofty goals without having high standards has caused many people to crash.

Always have your goals, but always live by your standards, for they are what determine your true level of success.

Let’s take the focus off Manziel (just a convenient example) and talk about you. Your standards are what make you you. They determine what you are across the board. They are your own definition of your self. They define whom you choose to be, how you choose to be, who you want to be 24/7, 365. What are some standards that will make you a consistent success in sales and an overriding success as a person?

  • The first standard for success in all aspects of life is respect for yourself. Always know you deserve self-respect and treat yourself accordingly.
  • Hold others in high regard. Respect others. Presume they are to be respected until they prove otherwise.
  • Being kind and thoughtful is another high standard that will be rewarded with constant and broad personal success.
  • Enjoying life and staying healthy are two standards that build success.

Always have your goals, but always live by your standards, for they are what determine your true level of success.

From MENTOR. May 2018;9(5): 6.

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