Skill in Life: Feed Your Mind Success Foods


When I have breakfast with my friend, who happens to be in the dental business, she orders steel-cut oatmeal and berries. I order a crispy waffle with melted butter and warm syrup. Sausage links on the side. She’s healthier than me. Our food choice has a lot to do with it. Cause and effect. What we feed our bodies has an enormous effect on our physical health. Food for the soul and food for the mind are as important to a successful sales rep‘s day as is food for the body. In fact, even more so. What you feed your mind determines your mental health. Day by day, it influences your attitude, your conduct and, ultimately, your success.

Your mind is like a digestive system for your soul. Feed it with unhealthy thoughts and you will be sick. Feed it with healthy thoughts and you will be in great shape as a person — self-respecting, motivated and active in developing your personal growth. In previous articles, I’ve talked about how negative thoughts beget negative outcomes. You give in to feeling lazy, so you don’t prepare for the call; the call is a failure. You wake up thinking you are not excited about the day; your calls will be a little off, a little dull, clearly not your best. You mentally tell yourself that you’re just so-so at your job; your sales calls will continue to be so-so and the results, overall, will mirror the self-declaration.

What you feed your mind determines your mental health. Day by day, it influences your attitude, your conduct and, ultimately, your success.

I admit that sometimes it is difficult to think positively. But thinking positively is no harder than thinking negatively about yourself, your job and/or your skills. Thinking about yourself and your job is an action and a mental skill. You can choose to do this positively or negatively. It’s always up to you. So you might as well choose to think positively. Here is a great power breakfast to feed your mind every morning. Say these affirmations at the start of each day:

  • I respect myself.
  • I appreciate my own dignity.
  • I know I have the power to enrich my life.
  • I take full responsibility for my thoughts and actions today.
  • I am grateful to my Creator for this day.
  • I choose to help my customers today, through my understanding of their needs through knowledge of my products and through my skillfully prepared presentations.

Enjoy this breakfast every day. Powerfully positive thoughts. You will be in excellent mental health. You will notice your sales performance gradually improve. You will see more satisfying outcomes and enjoy greater success. The best mental diet for guaranteed success.

From MENTOR. April 2018;9(4): 5.

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