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Precision-Crafted Gutta-Percha and Paper Points Help Improve Outcomes

DiaDent’s laser-inspected endodontic products facilitate successful procedures

What makes DiaDent gutta-percha and paper points sound clinical choices for my customers?







As a leading manufacturer of endodontic instruments, materials and consumables, DiaDent offers an extensive line of gutta-percha points and paper points to suit every clinical need. Designed to help your customers achieve consistently successful outcomes, each point is hand rolled to ensure a uniform taper.

I’ve heard that DiaDent uses some pretty sophisticated quality-control technology. Can you fill me in?

The company’s stringent quality-control efforts specify a standard diameter tolerance of ±0.029 mm — far surpassing the ±0.05 mm specification set by the American Dental Association and International Organization for Standardization (ISO). DiaDent uses an automated laser system to inspect the diameter of each millimeter-marked point at the D3 (or 3 mm) and D16 (or 16 mm) marks. This assures clinicians that these products are consistently uniform.

Clinically speaking, what are the advantages of this kind of uniformity?

In a nutshell, it means your customer can trust these points to deliver an exact fit. In addition, DiaDent’s smooth, rounded and bullet-shaped tips readily conform to the shape of the canal and help create an optimal apical seal during obturation.

How can millimeter-marked points help speed procedures and aid clinical precision?

Using premeasured points saves chairtime because millimeter markings on gutta-percha and paper points provide a quick and easy visual reference for depth measurements. This helps ensure that gutta-percha reaches the apex and seals the entire length of the canal, while simultaneously helping clinicians avoid apex perforations that may lead to bleeding or other complications. These products are also available as nonmarked points, of course.

What else should I know about these products?

Offered in spill-proof bulk packaging and one-hand, flip-open square vials, all DiaDent points are color coded for easy identification, and the gutta-percha product is cadmium-free, latex-free and radiopaque. The line includes an extensive selection of super-absorbent paper points and gutta-percha in ISO and accessory sizes that are tailored to match the range of endo files in use today.


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